KN95 masks now able to be imported into USA.

KN95 masks are the Chinese equivalent of what you’re more likely to know as N95 face masks.

Facing a deepening supply crisis for PPE inclusive of face masks, the US’ FDA has clarified its stance on the import of KN95 certified masks;

“The FDA is not blocking KN95 mask importations,” said Anand Shah, the agency’s deputy commissioner for medical and scientific affairs in an interview.

But he added that even though the agency will allow importers to bring the equipment into the country, they would be doing so at their own risk. Unlike normally certified devices, or those authorized on an emergency basis, KN95 masks would have none of the legal protections or other support provided by the federal government.

Aeotec Health has observed that the demand for N95 masks has seen prices rise some 500% since November. Without heavy demand, their KN95 equivalent have remained in abundant supply and significantly cheaper within China.