Re-domiciled supply appearing globally.

That both Spain and the Czech Republic have purchased inferior coronavirus tests has give rise to the notion that test ‘made in China’ are all bad. That’s not the case of course; one of Aeotec Health’s test suppliers has provided over 5 million tests to China’s governments without issue.

All the same, the notion is giving rise to a number of governments and medical networks trying to source product that isn’t made in China. Nearly all are failing.

As touched on in our earlier note, Aeotec has previously been told of test kits exported from China to Europe where they have been rebranded as ‘made in Europe.’ We’ve today learned of exports of similar, unlicensed tests being exported from China to Taiwan and then on to other regions. One specific scam sees the products exported to South Korea where they are then rebranded as Korean made. We’re told that at least one government I the Far East has already been duped by the rebranding scam, having ordered South Korean products in the hope that they were made there. They weren’t.

The source suppliers of these products are excluded from Aeotec Health’s list of reputable makers of COVID-19 tests kits.